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Since 2004 a bilingual education for children from 0-16.

Bilingualism spontaneous and complete.

It is not enough to introduce the English Language for a few hours a week and claim the title ” Bilingual School”. On the contrary, it is necessary that all the school activities are proposed in the second language.

We have created a perfectly bilingual setting, and we apply the method O.P.O.L. One Person, One Language.

We guarantee the maximum aptitude and educational competence of our staff. A resource that makes the difference.


English Nursery and


Simultaneous Bilingualism
The needs and care of the children is our number one priority. Our didactic and language curriculum provides a secure and stimulating environment that fosters natural, discovery-based learning, while supporting the child’s individual development and personal competency.


English Primary


Accredited Primary School
Modern, innovative and hands-on teaching methods create a dynamic and stimulating learning environment. All subjects are taught in English, without neglecting the academic development of the Italian language.




Registered TCL Centre
Individual or small-groups courses and Trinity exam preparation. Choose our school to give your child the experience of  an educational programme that represents modern teaching practices at the didactic level.


Summer Camp


A Summer camp adapted for all ages
Each year you can choose from 3 different locations, to give your children an exciting summer experience in English where new friends are made. Choose the Summer Experience.

Growing Up in the 21st Century

Toddler’s priority is providing the appropriate care and attention necessary for the complete wellbeing of the child,  which will accompany him or her on a high quality developmental and educational path.

Modern materials and engaging teaching methods stimulate the child’s curiosity and allow cognitive development in skills as well as knowledge, thus leading the child to think and apply what he or she has learned.

Self-esteem, indipendente and growth.

Self-esteem, independence and the growth of every child can be found within the foundations of our child-centered educational philosophy. Our didactic programme is structured in a way to help children discover, experiment and grow together. We facilitate a harmonic collaboration with parents to create a constructive, educational experience to satisfy the expectations of our families to ensure the psychophysical welfare of each child.

What they say about us!

  • Fiducia

    La fiducia è un sentimento, una sensazione molto intima....non la si dà o si ha con tutti...... ma solo a poche persone prevalentemente famigliari.Questo mi sono chiesto quando i miei figli si son "staccati" da noi per poter intraprendere il loro primo cammino di vita fuori di casa... .posso avere fiducia di "estranei"????!….A toddlers ho trovato la risposta....si posso avere piena fiducia,perche ho trovato delle persone non solo delle insegnanti.grazie per essere una seconda famiglia per i miei figli.

    Papà di Simone e Gaia

Specialists in bilingual education since 2004.

0 – 16 YEARS

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