Bilingual Primary School

Think today for Tomorrow

Primary : 6-11 years

A fully accredited primary school offering small, fixed-number classes where Mother-Tongue teachers provide an education in English for all subjects, without neglecting the importance of developing the academic competence of the Italian language.

Monday – Friday : 8.15 – 16.30
Before School Care : from 7.30 onwards
After School Programs : to 18.30

Innovative didactic methods 
and elevated  quality standards

A state-of-the-art building hosts innovative teaching methods with a modern and engaging educational framework. The Flipped Classroom and Cooperative Learning are the methods chosen to create a dynamic and stimulating curriculum. The social and collaborative atmosphere works to achieve a common goal: To create independent and self-sufficient children by providing the opportunity for everyone to excel with respect to their individual abilities.

Dedicated laboratories for every subject 

Subject-specific laboratories provide the opportunity for authentic, hands-on learning experiences that transmits a method of learning to children that is necessary for accessing subsequent studies. We put skills at the centre of learning, rather than theory, thus favouring that experience leads to knowledge. We say, “No more to the school of exercise books and give way to the school of DOING!”

Spontaneous Bilinguism

Like all accredited primary schools in Italy, the Italian national curriculum is our point of reference. In order to guarantee an appropriate balance of both languages, every class will have both English and Italian mother-tongue teachers.

The consolidation of the bilingual process will be complete by the end of the primary school cycle, providing your child with a fluency of equivalent expression in both linguistic registers.

Since 2004, specialists in bilingual education

0-16 YEARS

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